Celeste collaborated with Western Australia based painter and pro-bodyboarder, Joshua Ellard Garner to create an exclusive uni-sex t-shirt range for the brands Autumn / Winter 2016 collection – ‘Addicted to Thee’.

Garner’s artworks exposing his personal views on society, spirituality, technology and the humour he finds in life’s subtle juxtapositions.


Image: Western Australian artist and pro-body boarder, Joshua Ellard Garner

Image: Western Australian artist and pro-body boarder, Joshua Ellard Garner

An interview between Celeste and Josh to share their inspirations, ideals and to give an intimate insight into the energy of the collaboration...


Celeste: Aloha Josh. Welcome back to Australia! You’ve just returned after spending a couple of months in Hawaii, I'm sure that was super inspirational. Where does your main inspiration come from?

Josh: My environment inspires me a lot. Depends where I'm at on the inside as to whether there's inspiration present.

Celeste: Do you consider yourself spiritual?

Josh: Yeah, why not. My body emits energy kinda like a spirit. Therefore I am spiritual.

Celeste: And your strongest passion?

Josh: Our environment. I think our ocean and earth needs more support from all the humans running somewhat rampant around the globe. I'm one of them.

Celeste: We share that respect for the Environment yet express it in totally different ways through our work – you paint, and I create consciously sustainable garments. I think that’s why our collaboration seemed like such an easy fit for me. My work is a subtle rebellion to the fast fashion industry, and your work, to me, has a bit of a ‘fuck you’ to capitalism and conformity within society. Do you consider yourself an outsider?

Josh: Gotta fuck something!

Image: The 'Sex in the Dark' Women's Tee

Image: The 'Sex in the Dark' Women's Tee

Josh: With your work there's a really delicate form to all your garments. What inspires this touch?

Celeste: Interesting that you see them in that light. I guess there would be a very subtle portrayal through my exploration of femininity. All of my silhouettes are quite oversized and unformed, so I like adding delicate touches with fabrication choice or small details to ensure you still feel feminine wearing it.

Image: The 'Tweaked' Uni-sex Longsleeve Tee

Image: The 'Tweaked' Uni-sex Longsleeve Tee

Josh: Do you have a favourite artist? If so what bar would you take them to, and what would you drink?

Celeste: It is constantly changing. I’m really into Picasso at the moment. I found an image lately of him dancing in his studio, so I think I would take him to karaoke or a Salsa bar and get groovy.

Josh: Interviews are pretty boring these days. You reckon anyone even cares what we are talking about?

Celeste: (Laughs) Well, I think the organic way we met, over a coconut, and eventuation of our collaboration together is pretty cool. You’re a pretty interesting character, a real mixed bag (like a mixed lolly bag but with only the good lollies everyone likes). You’ve done some pretty whack things, like when you decided to be celibate for one year. Can you explain your reasoning behind that?

Josh: Haha I was moving a bit too fast for that necessary romance at one stage in my life. Had a couple around the world trips locked in so I was horny for fresh experiences. As a pose to one night stands. You’vebeen travelling a lot lately? What kind of methods do you have for staying creative on the move?

 Celeste: I think being on the move is something keeps the creativity flowing, and meeting new people always ignites new inspiration for me – like meeting you for example. I always make sure I have some sort of notebook on me, and a camera, but apart from that I’m not very methodical about my processes. I don’t have a set way of working or daily routine. What about you? what would the ultimate day involve for you?

Josh: Sex, Wave Riding, Painting, Marijuana, Music, Sex. In an ideal world right...

Celeste: Sounds pretty idealistic to me, and something I know is a reality of a lot of your days, so well done on living your dreams!

As well as all of the above you’re an advocate for collaboration, as am I. Who would be your ideal person to collaborate with (dead or alive), what would you want to make, and why?

Josh: Buddha. I don't think we'd make much

Image: 'Sex in the Dark' tee paired with the AW16 'Blondell Skivvy Top' in 100% Australian Merino Wool

Image: 'Sex in the Dark' tee paired with the AW16 'Blondell Skivvy Top' in 100% Australian Merino Wool

Josh: What music you been listening too?

Celeste: I’ve been listening to Tibetan monk chants whilst I work. It keeps me really focused. I can't work to music I want to sing-a-long to, it's too distracting! I keep meaning to ask you, I need to get my hands on some of your music with the band King Cactus. You guys look like a lot of fun live.


Image: Museum magazine featured, printed with Joshua's 'Sex in the Dark' artwork.

Image: Museum magazine featured, printed with Joshua's 'Sex in the Dark' artwork.

 Celeste: If you were to describe me in three words what would they be?

Josh: Creative, unique, fabulous.  So what's our next project going to be?

Celeste: Who knows! You play guitar and I play the drums so perhaps we should start our own travelling band? Or, we both plan on being in Italy at the end of the year so perhaps we could just get really great at eating pasta and drinking red wine – that sounds like a project worth putting some serious time and effort into if you ask me.

Celeste in the 'Stay Stoked' Women's Tee

Celeste in the 'Stay Stoked' Women's Tee

The limited collaboartion tee shirts are now available online.

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