Editorial for CT Autumn Winter 2015 by @smaysdays + @lordnewry_




Smaysdays & Lordnewry are sisters, who dabble in travel as often as possible and can't quite part with the yesteryear. 

Smay is a photographer with a shy, curious approach. Her personal work always captures strangers in perfect moments and places as if though they were home.

Lordnewry likes photos too, but spends most of her time with plants and flowers. 


Inspiration for the shoot...


"We didn't think we'd ever have the opportunity to work with Celeste, so when we were given the go ahead, we were over the moon. 

Being in love with Celeste's unique attire for quite sometime, we had been dreaming up ideas for a while.  

When we first lay eyes on the Autumn/Winter range, we were blown away. We went off on a tangent of exploration. Truly Australian thoughts lead us to a few tourist destinations. We wanted relaxed colours and textures, vivid movements, contrasting scenarios and adventure.

We thought about all of the adventures we had growing up and the what made us really proud to be Australian. Celeste's designs were so beautiful and natural, that we wanted them to be in an equal environment. 

We saw the humour and youthfulness in Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, the interaction with tourists and kangaroos was too tempting to resist. We wanted the juxtaposition of delicate, intricate prints to be placed with a harsh backdrop and native Australian wildlife. We wanted the Mangroves to act as our campsite. The dampness of the marsh, the muddy earthy colours to support these beautiful winter fabrics. The hues of the watery background were gentle and still. The terrain was dry & desolate, yet inviting and interactive. The dry green of lichen & natives were made for the colour pallet of CT." 


On creating a shoot for Celeste Tesoriero...


"As we said before, we have forever been in love with the uniqueness of Celeste. Always daring, yet elegant and timeless, her pieces are ones we will cherish forever. The quality and choice of her materials, the thought that so evidentially goes into the design & the detail of every piece is really just perfect. This ability for everything to be so detailed and bold, yet so comfortable is something that rarely happens with our clothing. We think it's just her ability to have such a strong connection with nature and its surroundings. Anything with that passion and influence is destined to make you feel incredible wearing it.  "


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