Happy Fashion Revolution Day!

24 . 5 . 15

Image via www.fashionrevolution.org

Image via www.fashionrevolution.org


The Fashion Revolution was conceived in 2013, after 1133 people were killed in the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The international attention and media from this devastation brought much needed questioning into the procedures of the current garment industry  worldwide.

The good news is there are numerous brands, with the same attitude as us, working in ways that are positive to all of the people involved and have a continuous push to implement sustainable practices and encourage other designers to do the same.


I started my label with a strong focus on working in ways in which I could implement sustainability (through high quality, long lasting garments, made with natural fibers) and have strong relationships with the people developing and making my garments.

Knowing the people whom make ‘Celeste Tesoriero’ clothing has always been a no-brainer for me, but on a commercial scale, I have come to realize this is a rarity, and something difficult to obtain for other labels who produce on a larger scale.

Each factory I work with, I have been working with for many years. It makes developing my designs more of a personal experience. There are often times in fit meetings, I will try on a new design proto sample, with my pattern maker, and we will just both burst into laughter at the utter obscurity to what we have both created! We then work together to fit the design into my original concept, or work with it in a way in which the result is completely different to my initial idea. For me, it’s essential to the creative process.

My makers know my taste, they know the way I sketch, they know how to interpret my designs, and that is integral to the end product.

There is so much that goes into each one of my pieces, that it would be too overwhelming to explain in depth, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is the antidote to the fast-fashion machine that has become so apparent and so unquestioned in the last ten years.

I think for many people it is an area easy to overlook. We happily wear a new design we find on a rack in a store, without wondering where it got made, by whom, and the circumstances it was created.




To celebrate Fashion Revolution Day, I would like to introduce you to Made Asana, the owner and manager of our organic dye house in Indonesia.

Every ‘Celeste Tesoriero’ piece that has been organically dyed, is done with Made, and his lovely, smiling team. Walking around their factory, you experience the beautiful aroma of fresh tea, the result from all of the plants being brewed into dyes. The whole experience is magical.

Made Asana, maker of 'Celeste Tesoriero'

Made Asana, maker of 'Celeste Tesoriero'


You, as the consumer, have the power to steer the industry in the right direction.

Each purchase you make of a sustainably made piece, over a mass-produced item from a questionable source, is all we need to step in the right direction.


Take a photo of a piece of clothing you own today, instagram it, tag the designer and @fash_rev and ask the question,

Who made my clothes?



If you have any questions about who made your CT item, we are happy to introduce you to your makers, and we will continue to introduce you to them, here, in the studio section of our website.

Happy Fashion Revolution Day!




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